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* More than Tripled (3X) Monthly Leads (6 vs. 20)
* Increased traffic by 2.5X in less than 6 months
* Decreased bounce rate by 20%
* Multiple Page 1 & Google Maps Rankings

* More than Doubled (2X) Monthly Leads (6 vs. 12)
* Increased traffic by 2X in 12 months

* Decreased bounce rate by 35%
* Multiple Page 1 & Google Maps Rankings

* More than Doubled (2X) Monthly Leads (7 vs. 13)
* Increased traffic by 3X in 5 months

* Decreased bounce rate by 30%
* Multiple Page 1 & Google Maps Rankings

Chiropractors that we work with

Chiropractic Digital Marketing Services

Nearly all patients research their Chiropractors online, don’t get left behind.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We utilize the latest SEO strategies that ensures your listings show up organically for the most relevant keywords for your chiropractic business.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We utilize the latest Google AdWords strategies to ensure your business shows up when potential prospects are searching for your chiropractic services.


Social Media Marketing

Having a strong social media presence is vital to your local businesses as it helps keep your loyal customers engaged and puts your business front and centre.


Chiropractic Website Design & Reputation Management

Look professional online & with  to back it up..

Website Design and Management

Your website is at the heart of your chiropractic business and we’ll make sure its beautiful, responsive and converts visitors.

Online Reviews

Your potential clients are using online reviews to drive their decisions and we’ll ensure your chiropractic business stands out.

Local Search and NAP

We ensure that your business details are correct and up to date across the web on sites like Yelp. The last thing you want is a potential visitor calling an old number.

Personalized Boutique Agency Service

Just say NO to boiler-plate marketing.

Co-Founder &
Head of Paid Search

Daniel is a native Californian with over 15 years of digital marketing and paid search experience. He’s helped drive growth for all kinds of businesses.

Offline, you can find Daniel eating his way around the world.

At Chiroscout, Daniel leads paid search strategy for clients.

“Freedom Lies In Risk”

Co-Founder &
Head of Organic Search

Zane is a native Texan specializing in organic growth and has been helping local businesses with lead generation for over 10 years.

In his free time, Zane enjoys spicy food and visiting exotic new countries.

At ChiroScout, Zane focuses on organic lead generation tactics for clients.

“The greatest risk is not taking one”

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